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Farah Menswear

Farah is fashion and even though their ranges include modern day classics with contemporary features, it's an old reliable brand. So old in fact, it was founded in 1920 in Texas. What started out as a workwear brand, Farah knows more than enough about the importance of well constructed, durable clothing. Its rebirth in the 1970s gave the brand a whole new lease of life and a new look.

Becoming famous for its slim, sharp, *hopsack canvas trousers, Farah had a huge role to play in the style of Mods, Rude Boys, Casuals and the 90s’ indie music scene. All the while, these sub cultures were making the signature Farah F logo its own.

To look at recent Farah ranges, you would not think the brand has been on the go for over a century. It’s too contemporary, too modern, too trendy. However, it’s the century of experience that has made Farah what it is today. Farah ains to ‘only look to our yesterdays so much as they inform our tomorrows’. The brand is all about providing men with the right clothes so they can confidently build their own style. Each season, Farah is consistent in offering a line-up of both updated classics and trend-led pieces.

*Hopsack, a basket weave, is a natural wonder fabric that's lightweight and breathable. It’s a strong, practical fabric with natural wrinkle resistance. It has a distinctive texture that gives it plenty of character.


Who wears Farah?

Seen on world superstars Lewis Hamilton, worn by musicians on and off stage like Harry Styles and Tinie Tempah, chosen by comedians like Jack Whitehall and Rob Beckett, Farah is clearly made for men who love their style and appreciate fashion. It’s a wardrobe essential for the modern man, the older man, the dads, sons, uncles, brothers. It adds class, style and sophistication to all men's wardrobes.



Farah has been doing everything they can to be more sustainable. They are on the right track and their belief is that every company in the fashion industry must play its part in minimising its environmental and social impact. That’s why from 2021 the core basics will be made with 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton production is less harmful to the environment as it doesn’t use harmful chemicals to grow, therefore it doesn’t pollute the water or soil. It also uses less energy and water. Farah also makes certain items from recycled fabrics. Just another reason you should have a look at the Farah Menswear range for all your fashion needs.