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The Better Cotton Initiative  

By buying cotton products from Fred Perry, you’re supporting more responsibly grown cotton through the Better Cotton Initiative. Fred Perry became a member of BCI in 2019. It is the biggest cotton sustainability programme in the world. Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products. However, BCI Farmers benefit from the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we ‘source.’ We are committed to sourcing 100% of our cotton in a more sustainable way by 2024 through the Better Cotton Initiative. Learn more at


Fred Perry Subculture

Fred Perry is more than just another clothing brand. Fred Perry is a symbol. From punks to mods and everything in between. The Laurel wreath has defined major underground subcultures from as early as the 1950’s. In the 1960s, Fred perry released new colourful versions of the iconic M12 shirts with the iconic twin tipping we know and love today. First adopted by the mods, and then by the skinhead subculture in the United Kingdom. The skinhead movement became a comment on working class Britain -  a rebellion against the hippie movement with an aesthetic that nodded to the manual labour jobs of the 50’s and 60’s.