Price Match Request Terms & Conditions

We do offer the option for visitors to our site to request that we match a competitor's price.

We do not offer a Price Match 'Guarantee' whereby we guarantee to match a competitor's price, nor do we advertise our Price Match as such.

A price Match Request can be either approved or refused based on a number of criteria including the type of competitor, our cost price and current stock levels, current offers and discounts and whether or not we are stocking the item in future seasons as opposed to an item being discontinued.

Although Price Match requests are very often approved on occasion we will decline them for the above reasons. We are not always able to provide a specific reason for a Price Match Request being declined as we are unable to provide sensitive company information such as cost price and stock levels.

We do not Price Match against Amazon, eBay or any similar platforms as we cannot verify that the sellers are authorised distributors of the items and in turn we cannot confirm that the items are authentic.

Often, particularly during our Sale Periods, our Evolve Clothing stores will have offers and discounts that do not match our online prices. We do not guarantee to price match against Evolve Clothing stores and will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

You should provide a link to the specific product on the competitors website when requesting a Price Match. You can do this by copying the link at in the search bar at the top of the page and pasting it into the Price Match request. We cannot authorise any Price Match Requests where the link provided is not to the specific product that is being matched.

Evolve Clothing reserves the right to alter or withdraw this offer without notice.