Women's Loungewear


For The Ladies Who Lounge

If there’s anything we’ve learnt in the last year, it’s that loungewear is a wardrobe essential. From matching sets, to mix and match sets, comfy leggings to oversized sweaters - we need all of it. Whether you’re working from home, having a lazy day or just need a day off, loungewear will get you through it in comfort and most importantly - style… and we have plenty of it.

From Kate & Pippa’s mix and match velour sets that are guaranteed to make you feel good even when you’re just chilling. To our Adidas Originals leggings and tops that are great for everything from your walks to your work from home style. To our Diesel women’s range that has a bit of everything you need for next level comfort in a mix of pinks, whites and blacks. Add some colour to your loungewear with Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans. Last but not least, nothing makes you feel better than matching, comfortable, stylish underwear, that’s why we stock Calvin Klein.